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3D illustration, Mockup photo frame on the wall of lounge or canteen room, Interior of comfortable with luxury sofa and beautiful furniture, rendering
LP Tower
business meeting room
BW & Co
3d rendering grand luxury hotel reception hall entrance and lounge restaurant
D Tower
Interior of hotel reception 3D illustration
Trio Towers
Art Objects on Wooden Shelving

About the Studio

Studio KOOKA specializes in designing the modern workspace.

Today’s office doesn’t always look like the office of yesterday.

As the ideas, needs and aesthetics of the office workspace change, so does its design.

At Studio KOOKA, we deal with the ever-changing definition of the office environment.

Our design process is inspired by the always-changing movements in the field and incorporates new technologies that will help upgrade your new office.

The Process

1. Information Analysis

consulting with the client to determine their needs and wants for the space- creating a program.

2. Preliminary Sketches

create a design plan that takes into account the client’s budget and the office’s layout.

3. Construction Documents

create construction instruction for the executives.

4. Execution

implementing the design plan and furnish the office.

We are Kooka

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