What do you want your office design to say about you?

Set your objectives: At the point of developing your overall project objectives you should also discuss and establish the central message for your design concept. Your office space will form a major part of your corporate image influencing clients, employees, potential new recruits, investors and the general public. Twenty-five years ago workspace interior design tended […]

How does the current office work for you?

Review your current workspace: Now is the time to see how things stack up in the current office environment. An honest appraisal of how your current space is being used, how much time is spent in various parts of the office and what works and fails is a good starting point for the planning process. […]

How to Select your design team?

Who really gets you? This is a tricky one and possibly the most difficult decision you will encounter during the process. You will discover a deluge of information, case studies, video endorsements and references all pointing to talented designers, reliable teams and a seemingly endless choice of partners. In our experience, by all means take […]

How to prepere your office scape for online meeting ideal?

In our increasingly digitized world, more and more businesses are conducting their meetings online. While this can be a more cost- and time-effective option for many companies, it’s important to keep in mind the environmental design of your online meeting space. The following are a few tips to keep in mind when designing an online […]